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~*Julie's Page*~
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About Me

This isn't a very good picture, but oh well!

Hey There!  I'm Julie, but you must know that already if you are here.  I am a Junior at University of Rio Grande with a major in Early Childhood Education.  I'm back at Rio now, out of Waverly again---so I am excited about that.  I don't what else there is to tell about myself, so I suppose that I will just stop now while there's still some mystery left, but here's some of my favorites.

Color:  Burgundy and Navy
Food:  Turkey and Dressing!!
Dessert:  Carly's G-ma's Blackberry Cobbler....It's the best!!!
Word to say:  Conglomeration
Sport:  Tennis
Thing to do when I'm bored:  Sleep! haha anyone who knows
me already knows that sleep and I are BFF!
Memory from childhood:  Buying rocks with Sarah when we
went to go see Tecumseh when were like 8 years old....we thought we were soo cool buying
Store:  Hobby Lobby
Clothing Store:  American Eagle
Television Show:  Trading Spaces (I love Ty!), Made, Fraternity
Life, Friends, Dawson's Creek, Paradise Hotel, 7th Heaven, and much much more!
Band:  Relient K
Relient K Songs That I Can't Live Without:  Those Words Are Not Enough, Hello McFly, and Balloon Ride. 
Movie:  Finding Nemo!!!!
Roomie:  Tina!
Hobby:  Painting picture frames, making homemade cards for friends, and basically any type of arts and crafts.
Flower:  Sterling Roses, but I like yellow ones too!
Animals My cow (moo), and my dog(Nadine).
Home Away From Home:  Carly's g-ma's house!  I pratically live there!!!
Song at this moment:  "My Friends Over You"
Quote:  "Never trade what you want at the moment for what you want most."
Quote from a t.v. show that I've heard recently:  "I don't understand"----All My Children
I can't think of anything else as of this moment, but check back later and there might be new stuff added!!