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~*Julie's Page*~
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Shoutouts to all my friends

"Friends are like can't always see them, but you know they are always there."

All my FAVORITE people from back home!
*Sarah-->I've missed ya!!  We are hobby lobby junkies...haha woke up just for you....don't you feel special?!  You are the only person that I've known since I was two and I still talk to ya!!  I don't know what I would do without ya girl!!  Keep Brian--he's a good guy....I'm happy that you're happy!  I'm also very honored that you asked me to be maid of honor in your wedding---you just did it, so you could threaten to take it away whenever I am a "bad friend."  HaHa!  I love ya and I can't wait till you and Brian get married!
*Carly-->I'm so glad we went shopping that one day, who knows if we didn't we might have never became friends....don't even want to think about that...good thing we didn't let the rain and the floods stop us that day!!  I couldn't ask for a better friend!  You've always been there for me, and I thank you for that!  And you know I'll always be here for you whenever you need me...I'm just a phone call away!  I'm sorry that HE ended up being a'll find a good guy, I promise!  I miss you soo much!  We'll have to get together sometime...have fun this year and remember don't do anything I wouldn't do!  Love Ya!
*Karla-->I'm so glad we're talking to each other again, I've missed having one of my best friends around. 
*Lindsay-->My Taco Bell buddy here at home!!  All those peanuts at the gas station, yet none were unsalted!  I had fun working out with ya.  We should do it again!  Love ya!
*Tasha-->"You stupid Horseshoe!"  haha  Wednesdays are the I right?--haha!  Sometimes, I think we hang out way too much cause we know what each other is thinking...scary! hahah Thanks for everything!!  Love ya girl! 
*Ben-->You're my bestest guy friend in the world!  I honestly have no clue what I would do without you!!  You've been there for me all the times I needed someone to talk to.  I can't thank you enough!  I miss you so much though.  I don't know what I'll do when you leave for two years!!--I'm not gonna make it without you buddy!!  Love ya and miss ya!
*Chill-->I'm so glad we became friends over the're hilarious...and who else could find Tasha dropping the pennies as funny as I did?!  haha I miss ya!!  Good Luck with school this year!  Love Ya Chill!
*Johnny-->"I don't know about that" probably don't even remember that, but I had it on here from a long time ago, so I just thought I would leave it!  I miss you!  It makes my day when you and ben talk to me!!
*Mateo-->I miss you sooo much!!!  Tu es muy guapo!hehe.  You know I'll always love you, you're my favorite mateo!
*Charity-->I still need to give you your christmas gift!! hahah Hopefully you'll get it before next christmas!
*Jenna and Juga-->You guys are great...Good Luck at College!
*Danny-->I almost forgot to put you in here, but I didn't want to hurt your feelings like I did with my info....I still love ya bud!
*BrandonR-->Hey Bud!  You're such a cutie!
*CoreyN-->You really need to get out of your house, you're a hermit!
*NickR-->We need to hang out again...I haven't seen you for ages!
*Erika-->"Do you wanna die?!"  I miss being able to talk to ya everyday during 7th period!
*ShellyV-->You are always in Kentucky!! Come home once in a while, so we can hang out!
*LiL Vonloh-->did you know that Copper is a precious metal?!
*JoshM-->I love how you never talk to me anymore.
*Lonnie-->Glad that we became friends again, good luck with everything!
*Tdw-->just don't forget me....
*ChrisC-->I miss talking to you!--it's been a while.
*The Thomas Brothers (Eric,Jason, and Paul)-->I love you all, I'm so glad I met you guys!
*Shelley-->Sorry I forgot ya!  Thanks for everything you've done with sarah's wedding shower and all, I appreciate it so much...couldn't have survived that day without you!!  Good Luck with school this year!  See ya in October!! 
*Mike-->I don't know what is going to happen with us, but you'll always be one of my best friends no matter what. 

~*My RIO friends*~
How could I forget about all you all?!
*Tina-->You are my best friend at Rio!  I don't know what I would do without you?!  I can tell you everything and anything and you don't ever judge...well, you may make fun of me for it, but hey I'm used to that!  Good Luck with Brett!  I am glad you're happy again!---you deserve it! 
*Amy-->I miss you sooo much!!!  Rio isn't the same without ya!  I don't know what I would have done if we never became friends...oh wait I would still probably be a hermit that never left my room!  lol  I can't wait to see little Nathaniel!  I am so happy for you!
*Heidi-->You're one in a million Heidi!  I miss ya, you're not here to laugh with me.  I keep missing your phone calls too!  Hopefully we'll get a hold of each other soon...good luck at OU!
*Erin-->I'm glad you didn't completely leave me, but I've only seen you once since school started!  I miss you! 
*Baker-->I'm gonna miss my "trip" buddy!  You had to go and leave us didn't you!!!  just kidding with ya. Come Visit!
*JoeJoe-->I miss you JoeJoe!  You better come visit more this year!  You can buy us pizza!
*Billie-->I'm hungry billie, I'm hungry!  I still love Roll-E!  Good Luck with Scott---he's a keeper!  When are we going to Philadelphia so I can get a REAL philly cheese steak?!  You know you would be bored to death in comp. if I wasn't there for you to talk to, don't deny it!
*Sam-->You're my favorite Sam, and you know I love you!! 
*Jenne10e-->NO MORE MATH!  WOOOO HOO!!!
*Mandy-->You're such a great person...HURRY BACK!  I miss you!
*Stickel-->I am gonna miss having you live right beside us!  At least you're still down the hall!  I'm glad I got to know you better last year! Goodluck with Clay...I hope you get him someday!!
*Lynnette-->I miss you!!  I can't believe you're living in Davis this year, we got to walk all that way to see you!  haha it's worth it! 
*Jeremy-->"You done did it!" That's all I have to say to you.
*Landon-->I'm glad you're back!  I missed you!
*JenLyn-->I'm sorry that you weren't on here before...but you are now!  I can't believe you didn't come visit me when you were down here!  =(  I Miss Ya!!! 
*Jamie--> I know I forgot ya, but I didn't mean to!!!  You're such a hoe!  You better help my fat butt lose some weight!  If you ever need anything, you know you can talk to me!!!
*To all my sisters (Jen, Tara, Melissa, Michelle S., Marcy, Steph, Michelle K., Amanda, Kristin, Kim, Jenn, Summer, Molly, and our advisor Jana)-->I love you girls!!!!
Okay I got yelled at for not having "personal messages" to some of my sisters, so here ya go!!!
~Jen-->To my most favorite pledge sister!  I seriously couldn't have gotten through pledging without you!  I love ya death even though you are from stupid Piketon!
~Tara-->I'm glad we're getting along better this year!  I apologize for last year, I was an asshole to you.  I love you big sis!
~Mel-->When is April Fool's Day?????  April Fool's!  I love that you thought we believed you!  haha
~Michelle S.-->You know you love my Relient K shirt!  You miss seeing it everyday, just admit it!  lol  I miss you!
~Marcy, Amanda, and Jenn-->I miss you girls!!!! 
~Steph-->you and your "apple juice" crack me up!  I haven't really gotten a chance to hang out with you since we've been back!  =(
~Kennedy-->MICHELLE!  I love mushrooms!!!!!!!!!  MMMMMM  Let's go to Jimanetti's again sometime!!--we should have thing where we all meet there once a week!--that would be awesome!
~Kristin-->No nothing was wrong with me, just a lot of stairs!  hahah
~Kim-->Hey sexy!  You're my "getting in trouble" buddy.  You had to go and go home the first weekend back...geez...haha
~Summer-->I actually see you on campus now--that's very unusual cause I always had such a hard time finding you during pledging!
~Molly-->"My God lady did you just fart?!"--you and that story still cracks me up to this day! 
~Jana-->You're the bestest big big sis ever!  I love our bonding time!  "You are the wind beneath my wings!"--haha  I'm glad we got closer over the summer!  I love my Jana!
~*Instead of writing this at the end of each one, I'll just do this!!*~ 
~*If I forget anyone, let me know!!*~

~*If I forgot you, let me know....and I'll add ya!!*~